Yes!, making some progress again. It is very disappointing to me how long those final details take. The headlining remains a challenge and I have also postponed the finishing of the wiring harness for a long time. We had already been working on the electricity a few times, but have now reached the point where everything has been measured from front to back via the fuse box. Battery is in but not connected yet. First I have to make sure that nothing is going to smoke ...... Project for today was the rigging and measuring of the piece of wiring harness that should ensure that my dashboard with 124 Coupe clocks will also work.
dashboard Fiat 850

Everything neatly wrapped with special tape and worked out via 3 (!) witing diagrams so that I can easily put the connectors of the dashboard into the connectors of the Fiat 850.
Dashboard Fiat 850

Still have to give the relay for the charge current lamp somewhere to live and find another oil pressure transmitter. Probably it is just somewhere in a box in my storage but where .....