Fortunately not, but there was slight smoke development when we wanted to connect the battery of the Fiat 850 in early April. Despite checking the wiring harness and all components, something was not properly connected. 

That called for further investigation, but despite several sessions we couldn't find anything. Then only one solution was left: the cable harness on the left "A"-post was to be taken out and all tape taken off again so that we were left with a bunch of loose cables. After that, everything, for each component from the wiring diagram, was checked and connected again . Sad loss of time but better than putting out fire; all ended well.

As said before: the wiring diagram I have is from 1964. The car is from 1971 and I have no diagram available that's more up-to-date. Various differences in color and number of connections make it more difficult. And I have not even connected and tested my own connections for electric fuel pump, extra oil pressure transmitter, new voltage regulator and relay for charging light (due to me wanting to fit an alternator).

Kabelboom doormeten van een Fiat 850