Long ago I was sure that I wanted to use a Weber DCD on the engine of my Fiat 850. Simple in design, two venturis and fairly easy to adjust. What kept me from doing this was the fact that I had to do a lot to the cylinder head: bigger valves, modified intake channel and a different intake manifold. And that on an 843cc engine? Better save it for later. And later is now. I found a larger engine, a cylinder head that was inexpensive and that needed a lot of work and, enough time for me to work on it. So time to get my hands dirty.

What did I do on it? Removed almost everything from the carburettor, the body and the lids, then ultrasonically cleaned everyrhing twice with a warm bath after each cleaning to rinse out all the residue, Then poked through all the holes with brushes and pins to remove loose debris. And today everything was rebuilt with an overhaul kit from Carburetor City and some spare parts from my own NOS stock. The manual that I once found on the Internet made sure that I did not have to doubt what had to be done where and how. And I still had the photos of the disassembly. Fortunately my wife was not at home so I could use the dining table to work on; good light and the temperature a lot better than in my workshop.

850 DCD

Here is an impression of the work done