Work on the engine is on hold at the moment because I still have some work to do on the intake ducts.

The fact that the work still isn't finished had several reasons: firstly, it was very cold in my work shed at home where I have all the engine parts. And, second, one of the previous owners of the cylinder head has been rather rude with the central intake duct.

What I still have to finish there is matching the inlet channel and the manifold so that the best possible flow is created there. For that I needed diamond cutters that Amazon seemed to have.
Not in stock though because it could just take 8 weeks before they can be delivered to my hometown, Breda. And until I have been able to use those cutters I really can't make any progress on the engine. But there is still plenty other stuff to do so I started working on that again.

One of the other projects that was waiting was the OT dashboard that I had been working on before. Copied from this example but with its own twist.

850 dashboard OT

For this dashboard I have the housing and the NOS meters in stock: an odometer and rev counter plus the small meters, all from a Fiat 124 coupe.
850 dashboard OT (2)
This is the mock-up that I had lying around for several years. The rims are matt white here.

My challenge with this setup is that the large counters are too deep for the Fiat 850 dashboard panel.
I don't feel like sawing in the metal dashboard panel, so the only solution is to make the counter housings less deep, both the outside and the black inner ring.

The question then is: how many cm? It turns out to be 2; to make sure that is enough, I had to sacrifice an old odometer.

850 dashboard OT (4)
The housings are easy to open and when you use a Dremel to cut the plastic, you're done in no time.
850 dashboard OT (5)

This is the difference after using the Dremel.

Because I no longer like the white edges, I decided to respray them in matt silver, they were separate from the gauges anyway.

850 dashboard OT (7)

And for the eagle eyed: the fuel gauge from the first mock-up has been replaced by an oil temperature gauge. Unfortunately not a Veglia itembut one from Amazon. For € 12.99. Including the sensor. There is a rim around it from a Veglia gauge, so the housing had to be adjusted a bit
850 dashboard OT (1) 850 dashboard OT (6)

I have not yet determined where I want to install the temperature sensor. In any case, it doesn't fit in the adapter for the oil cooler easily.

The fuel gauge will be moved to a spot under the dashboard. The tank volume is not as important as the oil temperature.