My winter project for this year is a new engine for the Fiat 850. The current engine has only made a few meters but I was lucky enough to buy the block of an Autobianchi A112 Elite with a good crankshaft and connecting rods, an oil cooler and a few more things. With that block I'll start off with 965cc and have it drilled to 67.8mm, resulting in 982cc.
As soon as the new engine is ready (it's already at the overhauling workshop for drilling and cleaning) the current, also new, block will be for sale.

A lot of other parts are needed and then Google is your friend, at least mine.

While looking for a gasket for the 4-hole water pump, I ended up at Riauto in Switzerland and there is an enormous amount of material to be found, not only for the Fiat 850 models, but for almost all current Fiats and a lot of Lancias. Reasonable prices (in Swiss francs) and almost everything is in stock. My order has already been placed!

Then did some shopping at Abarth-online because I needed pistons and a camshaft and some cosmetic stuff. And Martin Willems supplies all bearings.