In the last weekend of October, the "Auto e Moto D'epoca" is held in Padua; according to the organization the largest old-timer fair in Europe. When you have viewed 90,000m2 (11 halls plus the outside areas) you are inclined to believe that!

When I arrive at half past eight, the door to the cash desks just opens and I am one of the last to work my way inside. The rest have to wait another half hour. The fair really opens at 9 am sharp and you will immediately end up in hall 7 between the parts stalls. At a quarter past nine I picked up the first stash: a collection of rubbers for the 850. Besides support rubbers for the hood and trunk lid, also the blocks on which the front seats rest in the rails. Checkout 5.00 Euro and on to the next one.


Almost all sellers in this hall are specialized in something and here you can find very special stuff. I saw a distribution housing for an Abarth 1300 OT but also a crankshaft for a Dallara X1 / 9 racer. Need a 5-speed gearbox for your 600 Abarth? Also for sale here. And whoever needed a engine for an Osca could find one here.

There are four of us and we all have a shopping list. So the pace is slow (you never know where you'll find something in the huge selection) and we only leave the first building around half past twelve. I also have found a nice set of door rubbers and a rubber molding to fit around the gearbox and, at Casa di Freni, a set of brake hoses and a main brake cylinder. Nice material and for a reasonable price. Not much cheaper than over the internet but you here can check it before you buy and that's important too.

Seen a lot of stuff that makes me greedy, but I keep my wallet shut for a while. After all, you don't know what else will come along. In the first outdoor area you will come across stalls with parts and private individuals with cars too. There are also some stands from abroad there, including Martin Willems. Then on to the other halls where we mainly find cars: small traders with cheaper stands (and therefore packed), but also renowned companies with very exclusive equipment and tasty coffee.

Finally, on to halls 6 and 8 for the model cars. Less supply than expected, but often there are very beautiful and rare models. When we're done there, I still have money and half an hour to spare. Greed strikes and I buy another Abarth grille. A replica, but very neat and good to use for the 850.


At the last booth I went to the seller didn't want to cooperate. I had seen an instrument housing there that belonged in an Abarth 1000 OT. The price was good, but the exhibitor only wanted to sell it after the fair. That was impossible for me because at that time I would already be home again. It was agreed that I would order it via the internet.

Conclusion: Padua is absolutely worth it, although I have seen few Fiats of the types I am working on. Fortunately I've seen enough other beautiful things. On the return trip I visited a scrap yard where I encountered the first 850 Berlina of the trip; too bad to buy, but the window frames are 100% again!


Some photos:





Alfa Romeo

Other beautiful stuff