Sometimes new and interesting parts are for sale on the Internet or via-via. You can see the latest purchases here.

I found this on Dutch auction site Marktplaats in Amsterdam; I was only interested in an Autobianch A112 B1 engine block .......

850 winterproject  

Autobianchi A112 Elite (965cc) B1 block, modified cylinder head, oil cooler, crankcase and oil pump.
It will be a lot of work to build this up nicely.
The front suspension is from a Fiat 600. It stays in storage for a while and then it will be returned to Amsterdam.

Sometimes things happen i a strange way: I've been looking for Abarth windshield wipers for a long time. Abarth Online does not have them and recently a 600 owner was also looking for such a set. Rare ..... (you would think).
Then, two days later, suddenly a set is for sale. And in the Netherlands too. So now it's mine.
850 wissers
The problem is that I have to modify the wiper mechanism again before being able to mount the set. I am using the mechanism of a Coupé / Spider where the wiper arms are attached to the shaft with a nut. I must have this:
Marelli Site

Another search operation ahead....