Most of the parts that I needed for my Fiat 850 project were sourced from the internet. Google is your friend when you know what you need. Parts manuals are ideal to find parts numbers. Have a look in my "Manuals" menu if you don't have a parts book for your car. There's a good choice of books available for download.

I bought my parts from: 

  • Private sellers that had to end their projects because they were short on time or space. And don't forget WAF as a reason for having to sell parts!
  • Companies that specialize in NOS or newly made parts. There are quite a few of them around in Europe and I have bought from all of the following:
    Martin Willems (The Netherlands)
    FDRicambi (The Netherlands)
    RiAuto (Switzerland)
    BertiRicambi (Portugal)
    Holtmann & Niedergerke (Germany)
    Scuderia Topolino / Abarth-online (Germany)
    Cicognani (Italy, rubber parts only). This company uses the original factory moulds to fabricate rubber parts for many Fiat models. Not cheap, very high quality!
     850 Berlina
     850 Coupé
     850 Spider

I can highly recommend all of these companies; acceptable prices and good support when you are unsure of what you need.