A while ago, on the Seat 850 group Facebook page there were a number of photos of a building in Norway where a Fiat 850 was hung:
850 Lillehammer

850 Lillehammer

850 Noorwegen Larsen 3

Of course I want to know more about this and continued to search on the Internet. In this case my search involved "Sigvard Larsen", because his statue is beneath the 850. And so I found some "Labour of love" with a Fiat 850 again.

Around 2015 the managers of Atelier Kakao painted nice bright colours on it.
850 Noorwegen Lillehammer Atelier Kakao

Nothing is for eternity, or, as the Norwegians say: "ingenting er for alltid" and so the 850 got different colours again:
850 Noorwegen Lillehammer Krogen