In my collection of Fiat 850 models I have 850's from scale 1:1 to a few really small ones: an 850 Berlina from Eko in scale HO (1:87, model no. 2062-6,) and an 850 Coupe from Penny in scale 1 :66. But tit appears there is another very small Coupe, by Artapo (model no. 085-1).

I found out when a photo of Jochen Kreusel's Fiat 850 collection was posted in the Fiat 850 group on Facebook. Jochen was kind enough to provide the model numbers.

 850 HO

And the truck is a nice one too. This one is made by Brekina who offer a line with all kinds of old Italian trucks.

Rivarossi's car transport train is on my wish list too:

850 rivarossi