Sometimes you come across interesting things on the auction sites on the internet. Parts (NOS or used), sometimes nice documentation, sometimes beautiful model cars. Although, when they are 1:43 models from China they interest me less. It is common for the seller to think they have juwels for sale, sometimes because the item is old and moire often because they have no idea how many were made of it.

Rear lights of an 850? Many thousands of Fiat 850s have been sold and scrapped in the Netherlands. No worth at all unless new and unused.
Decorative moldings of a Fiat 850 Special? See above. Crates full of demolition parts? See above.
Tests from Dutch magazines Autovisie and Autokampioen? Other magazines? Large editions, many of which have been preserved. But rarely worth the effort.

But the model of the Fiat 850 that was for sale on Dutch auction site Marktplaats really is rare. A Rico (probably) from Spain. 14 cm long, so about 1:24.
And if it is rare I am interested. Immediately made an offer and just heard that I was the buyer. Today it was delivered!

850 rico 1

850 rico 2

850 rico 3

Another Fiat 850 for the showcase!

850 rico 4