It's rare, but every now and then I find an advertisement for a Fiat 850 that I don't have yet. In this case one for a Seat 850, but that was marketed as a Fiat in the Netherlands.

According to the copywriter on duty, about 100,000 Dutch people had a Fiat 850 and that requires an explanation that he is happy to give:

  • Because he is so "eager" to pull up and keep going
  • Because it is so pleasant to watch
  • Because it is so nice and economical
  • Because the rear seat makes room for mountains of luggage in an instant
  • Because it takes you so faithfully and satisfied and yet so quickly everywhere, far beyond the borders

And perhaps the most important reason:

  • Because it is the Fiat 850. Therefore!
    And I completely agree with that.

850 happig