It's a Sunday and you wear your Sunday outfit. At least, tha's what she did a long time ago. And when she did, you had all eyes on her, especially with a new Fiat 850.

Een chique combinatie met een Fiat 850

Joanna Lumley was already fabulous before she starred in "Absolutely Fabulous". She was allowed to present a white winter coat in front of a Fiat 850 Coupe (1st series, as an accessory). She herself called it "a red bag" with my red shoes. In any case, a nice set.

Absolutely Fabulous

Compact and smooth as it is, you can move around any city in a Fiat 850. These images are from Paris. Place de la Concorde. Run for your life!

Fiat 850 in Parijs (1969 , Place de la Concorde)

Along the river Seine it was even more crowded. Spot the Fiat 850:
850 1970 Parijs Langs de Seine

The Fiat 850 regularly appeared (drawn) in various magazines. Not only in Donald Duck but in Spirou, a fun and educational weekly for boys and their fathers too.
In February 1965 the 850 Berlina and in June 1965 the 850 Coupe and Spider were featured. In case you want to see the pictures below in full-screen, click on them.

Fiat 850 Berlina in Spirou 

Fiat 850 Sport in Spirou

This time about the inventor of the piston (?), Caius Aesculapius Clister. True or false, it features a Fiat 850. And that's the most important thing for me. The rest of the story is not important. That a bath (or shower) can be a source of inspiration, I can agree with.

Fiat 850 in Spirou


In 1971 a trip with a Fiat 850 was teken, from Como via the Ghardaia oasis in Algeria, Timimoun, Tangier and back via the Strait of Gibraltar. On the way back, the Pico Veleta in the Sierra Nevada was also climbed. 3367 meters up. 3367 meters down. Because they didn't have any GoPro's or smartphones at the time, the report was made with 8mm film. Hence the image quality. A click on the picture lets you enjoy for more than 3 minutes (Click the image for the movie)

Fiat 850 in de Sahara

 The route taken was over 5500 km:

De route van de Fiat 850 door de Sahara 

I think one can say that, after its introduction, the Fiat 850 was an item in all European magazines. Definitely an important car. "Torino Motori" has long been defunct and the "Autokampioen" has increasingly become more of an advertising magazine, but that doesn't prevent us from enjoying these images once more.

850 Torino Motori

Fiat 850 Autokampioen

From the old days: this photo was taken somewhere around 1974 in the "Polderstraat" in Breda. Some artist had painted a green stripe on the Fiat 850, like a Lotus Cortina...
850 Polderstraat Breda

The Fiat 850 Coupe was appreciated in Japan too. Whether a geisha could easily control such a Coupe? Probably not. But it looks nice in Okinawa. The photo is from 1965
850 Coupé Okinawa 1965

In 1966 my father was still a merry Fiat dealer in Breda and he ordered calendars for 1967 for his company, Autobedrijf Staal. Nice to hand out to your customers. And nice to keep one yourself. Here we see February. 50 years ago we already knew that February 2017 would also start on a Wednesday . Ideal to use this calendar with vintage Fiat models at home in this year. After all, there are Fiat 850's in it too. This time "The Fiat 850 Sportcoupe at full speed on the Autostrada" as the text below the photo says.

850 kalender

In the Netherlands, the summer of 2017 was a cool one, as it often was before. But cool summers don't matter because you always have sunny feelings in a Fiat 850!

850 strand

It could have been you, being a test driver for PEP. A boys magazine from years ago. One of the highlights of that job was probably the test of the Fiat 850 Bertone Racer.
Fiat 850 Bertone Racer

The test can be found here

We have seen a Fiat 850 model car before, but a Fiat 850 with a model is also possible. Earlier you could see Joanna Lumley with a Fiat 850 Coupe on this site , but now I have one with an 850 Spider. The photo was taken at the New York Auto Show:

850 NYAS


After three articles in black and white, it's time for some color again. Even the Fiat 850 had to be advertised at some point and they did so in 1965 with a colorful video

Fiat 850 Sport cera una volta

Click and view.

The Fiat 850 was often featured in comics, in all guises. I have shown examples of this before. This time I came across a nice one in an Italian magazine that depicts the adventures of a Berlina, a Coupe and a Spider. Something about robots and a woman in traditional costume.

Fiat 850 in missione speciale

You can view both pages of the story when you click the image.

Looking for images with a Fiat 850, Google can't be beat. Type "Fiat 850" and any piece of text and hundreds of images will appear. And often something appears in the results that I have not seen before; I publish interesting photos on this site. I already published this article on it. Results from a recent search was a photo that was on an "" forum and after that, I found more images. From the time when Fiat 850 were driving around in traffic on a regular basis.

Een Fiat 850 geparkeerd op "Achter de Lange Stallen" in Breda

Nice about this photo is that both Fiats have a "Staal" dealer sticker (that white rectangular thing at the rear) and, from the 850, I was able to find out to whom it was originally sold: registration is 43-95-DM and it was sold on April 4, 1967 and delivered to Mr. Rohacsek from Oosterhout. The Fiat 600 in the background with registration number 28-77-FP was delivered on May 30, 1968 to Mr. de Laat from Breda. The parking lot is "the Vlaszak" in Breda.

A few more:

850 amsterdam
The Dam in Amsterdam

Fiat 850 geparkeerd aan de Vliet in Leiden
The "Vliet" in Leiden

Fiat 850 geparkeerd in Den Haag (1972)
The Hague

Fiat 850 voor een stoplicht (1972)
At a traffic light. Why did anyone take such a picture?

In Breda one often came across a Fiat 850, my father sold a lot of them. You could see pictures in previous articles on this site and I have a few more. The first one is from June 1979 in the "Bastionstraat", milk float was still driving around:

850 Breda Bastionstraat 06 06 79

This one was in the "Reinierstraat" in october. 

850 Breda Reinierstraat 30 10 1972

This one is quite crispy, but it's still there, in the "Nieuwpoortstraat", about January 1973.
850 Breda Nieuwpoortstraat 11 01 73

Faceboekgroup "Oud Breda" is quite active posting street photos and there are Fiat 850's on them regularly. I already posted articles with these photos on this site. Below the new yield. They are often a some distance away, but they are 850's. The first we find in February 1974 in the "Abeelstraat" in Breda (NL):

850 Abeelstraat 12 02 1974

This one is in the "Lange Gampel", in Breda too:

850 Lange Gampel

This one, with a few Fiat 600's, was parked on the "Markendaalseweg". The year is 1974. The buildings are long gone, the cars too.
850 Markendaalseweg 1974

In 1976 this Fiat 850 Special was parked in the "Meidoornstraat":
850 Meidoornstraat 04 11 1976

The "Gasstraat" was the place where this 850 was spotted. I see a "Staal" dealer sticker at the rear right which means my father sold the car and so I could find that this car was originally delivered to Mrs. Diemeren-Bakkers and that this 850 is close to her house.
850 Gasstraat

Finally, a 850 in the "Zoutstraat". This street disappeared from the city maps long ago. The 850 disappeared too.
850 Zoutstraat

I don't remember how I got it, but a while ago this photo came along:
850 Assen centrum

It turns out to we are at the Koopmansplein in Assen where we see two 850s. Through the Drents Archief you can find many more photos of Oud Assen where 850's are visible.

This lady was certainly overwhelmed by the cop, bigger than her car, a Fiat 850 Spider:
850 spider cop

Only in America!

As seen before, many of the images that I publish on my website are from the Italian car magazine Quattroruote, mostly from old copies that have been in the family for a long time.

Quattroruote also publisheh a monthly magazine, dedicated to classics: Ruoteclassiche. Beautiful reports (if you can read Italian) with beautiful photos.
Since last year there's an extra magazine on a special theme every month. In March 2018 it was the "Italian car's from the 60's" turn. So Fiat 850's in all guises too. You can see photos of them here, thanks to Ruoteclassiche. If you come across this magazine (while on holiday in Italy?) my advise is to buy it.

850 met een caravan

850 coupe landweg

850 Spider fabriek

850 1964

850 spider meer

In 1976, in Breda we see a Fiat 850 driving near the old railway station. It is unknown who took the photo, but I am grateful he/she did. I found the image on the "Oud Breda" Facebookpage.

850 Stationsplein Breda 1976.

Monica Vitti was one of the most successful Italian movie stars, especially famous for her collaboration with Michelangelo Antonioni. We will remember her from this image:

850 Monica Vitti

A few years ago my wife bought "the big 70's book" because it contained nice photos from her childhood. Little did she know that there were also Fiat 850 images in it ... These in turn provided some nice pictures for this site.

850 beeksebergen
This photo with a Fiat 850 Special was taken in "Safaripark de Beekse Bergen". The photo is by Ton Nelissen.

850 molenaar

And this is fashion designer Frans Molenaar in unisex clothing, shown at the fashion fair in the Amsterdam RAI congress building. Not a very smart idea, hot pants during snowfall. The Fiat 850 Coupé they lean on makes up for a lot.

The photo is by Anefo - Punt

Before the Internet, as a car buyer (or interested person) one depended on books and magazines published at auto shows.

These "catalogs" contained all models of all brands shown with their specifications. Auto-Universum is one of them. This yearbook contained all the carsbrands that were produces all over the world, with all their models.

  • Zaporozhets from Rusland? With a 965 A Coupé? Check! 
  • Fairthorpe from the UK? With an Electron? Check!
  • GSM from South Africa? With a Flamingo 1500 GT? Check!
  • T.Z. from Spain? With a Sider T-22.000.11? Of course!

In 1965 the Fiat 850 was presented in the latest edition of Auto-Universum. An advertisement, a technical description and a tiny roadtest.
The magazine has long been defunct, but of course we have the images:

850 auto universum 1965   850 auto universum advertentie

850 auto universum specs
If you want to better read these specifications, click on the picture