Looking for images with a Fiat 850, Google can't be beat. Type "Fiat 850" and any piece of text and hundreds of images will appear. And often something appears in the results that I have not seen before; I publish interesting photos on this site. I already published this article on it. Results from a recent search was a photo that was on an "Autoweek.nl" forum and after that, I found more images. From the time when Fiat 850 were driving around in traffic on a regular basis.

Een Fiat 850 geparkeerd op "Achter de Lange Stallen" in Breda

Nice about this photo is that both Fiats have a "Staal" dealer sticker (that white rectangular thing at the rear) and, from the 850, I was able to find out to whom it was originally sold: registration is 43-95-DM and it was sold on April 4, 1967 and delivered to Mr. Rohacsek from Oosterhout. The Fiat 600 in the background with registration number 28-77-FP was delivered on May 30, 1968 to Mr. de Laat from Breda. The parking lot is "the Vlaszak" in Breda.

A few more:

850 amsterdam
The Dam in Amsterdam

Fiat 850 geparkeerd aan de Vliet in Leiden
The "Vliet" in Leiden

Fiat 850 geparkeerd in Den Haag (1972)
The Hague

Fiat 850 voor een stoplicht (1972)
At a traffic light. Why did anyone take such a picture?