Faceboekgroup "Oud Breda" is quite active posting street photos and there are Fiat 850's on them regularly. I already posted articles with these photos on this site. Below the new yield. They are often a some distance away, but they are 850's. The first we find in February 1974 in the "Abeelstraat" in Breda (NL):

850 Abeelstraat 12 02 1974

This one is in the "Lange Gampel", in Breda too:

850 Lange Gampel

This one, with a few Fiat 600's, was parked on the "Markendaalseweg". The year is 1974. The buildings are long gone, the cars too.
850 Markendaalseweg 1974

In 1976 this Fiat 850 Special was parked in the "Meidoornstraat":
850 Meidoornstraat 04 11 1976

The "Gasstraat" was the place where this 850 was spotted. I see a "Staal" dealer sticker at the rear right which means my father sold the car and so I could find that this car was originally delivered to Mrs. Diemeren-Bakkers and that this 850 is close to her house.
850 Gasstraat

Finally, a 850 in the "Zoutstraat". This street disappeared from the city maps long ago. The 850 disappeared too.
850 Zoutstraat