Before the Internet, as a car buyer (or interested person) one depended on books and magazines published at auto shows.

These "catalogs" contained all models of all brands shown with their specifications. Auto-Universum is one of them. This yearbook contained all the carsbrands that were produces all over the world, with all their models.

  • Zaporozhets from Rusland? With a 965 A Coupé? Check! 
  • Fairthorpe from the UK? With an Electron? Check!
  • GSM from South Africa? With a Flamingo 1500 GT? Check!
  • T.Z. from Spain? With a Sider T-22.000.11? Of course!

In 1965 the Fiat 850 was presented in the latest edition of Auto-Universum. An advertisement, a technical description and a tiny roadtest.
The magazine has long been defunct, but of course we have the images:

850 auto universum 1965   850 auto universum advertentie

850 auto universum specs
If you want to better read these specifications, click on the picture