Michel Vaillant was a interesting series of comic books for the younger car enthusiast: nice stories, fast cars, racing. The "Vrooooap, Vroomm, Vrooooaw and Vroooamm" really pulled you into the speed experience. In 1977 issue 18, "Oil on the racecourse" was published. I will not reveal the whole story, but it does feature Fiat 850s! Not that they are essential to the story, but they are for us.

850 michel vaillant 1
"Guys, it's a girl!"
Here our heroes are overtaken by a Fiat 850 Coupé ...... That can't end well!

850 michel vaillant
The driver had already built up a considerable lead.

850 michel vaillant
"A few minutes later.... Look there, on the right! Fantastic!"
Totally agree! (although I did change the text in the balloon from 'left' to 'right')

850 michel vaillant
Apparently, in traffic the drivers are unable to get ahead of the Fiat 850.