The Swiss "Automobil Revue" yearbook is published every year on the occasion of the Geneva Salon and I have the complete series from the late 1950s until a few years ago.
It contains  important data of all car models that are produced worldwide every year. The year that interests me most is of course 1964, the year of the introduction of the Fiat 850. That proved to be a bit disappointing because Fiat only introduced the 850 AFTER the Geneva salon and so no data were known yet. Fortunately, there was already a little story about the 850 in:

Fiat 850 automobil revue 1964

Fiat 850 automobil revue 1964

In 1965, the Automobil Revue reversed that omission: on the cover was an 850, although the Renault 16 was of bigger importance that year.850 automobilrevue65

In the book, attention was paid to various types of bodywork, technology and there were many technical specifications:

850 achterkant automobilrevue65
A small overview of cars with rear engine. When was the last time you saw a Chevrolet Corvair or a Renault Dauphine?

850 transparant automobilrevue64 3
A modern concept!

850 automobilrevue65 4

Technical specifications.