In the box with images to be scanned, I came across a number of photos of Fiat 850's "on the road". Just nice to show these here.

The first photo proves that the Fiat 850 was a huge success right after its introduction: I have the photo in large format and I mainly see 850s on this train. I can see more than 150 850's.

850 onderweg 3

Once you got your hands on one of those Fiat 850s, you could put it on the train in the run-up to your vacation.

850 autoslaaptrein

This next picture shows that Italian magazine Quattroruote never missed an opportunity to take a car for a ride. This time with a Fiat 850.
The reason? A test of an Autovox Bikini car radio. All of Northern Italy was visited. The Fiat 1500 Comfort was tested too.
850 onderweg 2 

850 autovox bikin1

People also toured the hills in their Fiat 850. Cruising the countryside, always nice to do.
850 onderweg 1

850 onderweg 4