On the British OV9 forum I came across a topic of a Fiat 850 that was found in a shed. The story goes something like this: the grandfather of the current owner buys a Fiat 850 for his son and daughter-in-law. After a while, the son drives the 850 into a tree. End of fun. The Fiat 850 ends up in a shed and then serves as a base for a lot of junk. After 40 years, the grandson finds the car and starts to restore it. Little further factual information so we will have to do with the images:

850 barnfind 1
This is how the car was found.

850 barnfind 2

850 barnfind 3

850 barnfind 4
The wheels were not on the car originally but were needed for transport

850 barnfind 5
Quite a sad state.

The owner found a boot lid and a left (non original) fender and a lot of other parts. What the status is now is unknown because the topic is dead.