Fiat 850 advertised

More Fiat 850 publicity from Canada

My previous entries of Canadian Fiat ads were a great success on the Facebook Fiat 850 pages. Lots of likes and smiles. I have searched a bit more and came up with these:

This one introduces the Fiat 850 Berlina. Still Fun after almost 60 years!

850 canada 2

This one is from Playboy and immediately answers a controversial topic:

850 canada 3

To finish, a nice one in color.

850 canada 1

The Fiat 850... Fab..!

Fiat Motors of Canada had a stylish advert for the Fiat 850 Berlina and Coupé. Absolutely "Fab". Buyers of a Fiat could enter a competition; the prize was a trip for 2 to Italy.
There was a catch: a correct answer to a question was required. Choosing a Fiat 850 was not difficult but I can imagine that the final question was a difficult one.
850 fab 

Pirelli ad with Fiat 850 Coupé

Something different, a right-hand drive Coupé. But on nice Pirelli Cintoratos.

850 coupe pirelli
The tires get more focus than the Coupé

Advertisement for bearings with Fiat 850's

Not only was the Fiat 850 advertised for but some ads also included one or more the Fiat 850's. And I am interested in those advertisements too.

This one is for RIV-SKF ball bearings

850 skf

This week's treat, a Fiat 850 Coupé

Another nice advertisement for the Fiat 850 coupé. Indeed, it is not important whether it is a berlina, a coupé or a spider, as long as it is a Fiat 850! Because that counts.

850 coupe advertentie

This ad took up two pages in Italian magazine Quattroruote; I had to Photoshop a lot to hide most of the seam.

Nice advert for a Fiat 850 Spider

A picture says more than 1000 words, especially if it is a picture of a Fiat 850 Spider. This time an advertisement from Bertone. They were the first Italian coachbuilder to build more than 100,000 cars. Thanks to American sales.

"The American challenge has been won by Bertone"

850 bertone sfida

The Fiat 850 in advertisements

Marketing is a profession. But if you have a Fiat 850 in an advertisement, stupendous sales figures are ensured.

850 decarbon

This is an advertisement for shock absorbers. Look how rock-solid the 850 takes this corner! Want!!!!

Esso used a Fiat 850 Spider to sell their "Extra" petrol; It looks like the ladies are happy with it.

850 esso  

Finally, another ad for the Fiat 850

It's rare, but every now and then I find an advertisement for a Fiat 850 that I don't have yet. In this case one for a Seat 850, but that was marketed as a Fiat in the Netherlands.

According to the copywriter on duty, about 100,000 Dutch people had a Fiat 850 and that requires an explanation that he is happy to give:

  • Because he is so "eager" to pull up and keep going
  • Because it is so pleasant to watch
  • Because it is so nice and economical
  • Because the rear seat makes room for mountains of luggage in an instant
  • Because it takes you so faithfully and satisfied and yet so quickly everywhere, far beyond the borders

And perhaps the most important reason:

  • Because it is the Fiat 850. Therefore!
    And I completely agree with that.

850 happig

Fiat 850 in marketing

In the previous century it was common to print pictures of cars on promotional items. Examples? Cigar bands, matchboxes, postcards and sugarcube wrappings.
The print runs and their reach were enormous, but it is impossible to determine whether it has also increased sales enormously.

During my searches I ended up at, a site where you can buy these items (for pennies)


A few examples:

850 bandje 1 850 coupe bandje 3

Cigar bands

850 doosje 1 850 spider doosje7


850 kaart 1 850 Coupe kaart 10

850 kaart 14 850 Coupe kaart 19


850 Coupe kaart 18

Local ads for a Fiat 850

The Fiat 850s went like hot cakes, but still they had to be advertised. These two ads from my father's dealership are from 1964 and were featured in Dutch newspaper "de Stem":
850 advertentie 600

Fiat 850 in an old advert

This ad evokes many memories. In 1967, when there were still 15 Fiat dealers in the south-west of the Netherlands, there were enough models to choose from at Fiat's. From small and cheap to large and quite expensive. And the Fiat 850 was one of those choices. For a mere 5000 guilders you had one, with fabric upholstery. Which I have never seen in real, by the way.

Fiat 850 advertentie in de stem