Fiat 850 on the internet now on Facebook

As of today there is a page on Facebook to where an easier way of communication than on the forum is possible.

850 facebook

Therefore, the Forum is down from now on. That also saves me managing all those would-be interested people from Russia, China, Korea and all kinds of African countries.

Fiat 850 Barnfind

On the British OV9 forum I came across a topic of a Fiat 850 that was found in a shed. The story goes something like this: the grandfather of the current owner buys a Fiat 850 for his son and daughter-in-law. After a while, the son drives the 850 into a tree. End of fun. The Fiat 850 ends up in a shed and then serves as a base for a lot of junk. After 40 years, the grandson finds the car and starts to restore it. Little further factual information so we will have to do with the images:

850 barnfind 1
This is how the car was found.

850 barnfind 2

850 barnfind 3

850 barnfind 4
The wheels were not on the car originally but were needed for transport

850 barnfind 5
Quite a sad state.

The owner found a boot lid and a left (non original) fender and a lot of other parts. What the status is now is unknown because the topic is dead.

More "main characters" for the Fiat 850?

As far as I am concerned, the 850 (in all reality) played only a minor part in most films. Fortunately, there is such a thing as the Internet Movie Car Data Base where you can report cars from movies.
I already wrote an item on that earlier on and there are enough Fiats in the list. Me, I'm only interested in the Fiat 850, in all variants.

In Dutch movie "Turks Fruit", for example, an 850 Special was used as an extra:

Een Fiat 850 Special in de fil Turks Fruit

The database can be found here. You'll have to browse through it yourself but to make things easier I have put some links in the table below.

Berlina 35 pages
Berlina Vignale 4 photo's
Familiare 3 pages