Fiat 850 on the road

Rally driving in a Fiat 850

The rally-team of Mejsnar/Jecha participates in rallies in the Czech Republic in a Fiat 850 and does so quite convincingly. On YouTube a found a film of their run. Click on the lower image to see the film.

850 rally onboard

850 rally 1


This film starts of with a Fiat 850; in the second part we get to see a run in a Punto.

Fiat 850 on the move

In the box with images to be scanned, I came across a number of photos of Fiat 850's "on the road". Just nice to show these here.

The first photo proves that the Fiat 850 was a huge success right after its introduction: I have the photo in large format and I mainly see 850s on this train. I can see more than 150 850's.

850 onderweg 3

Once you got your hands on one of those Fiat 850s, you could put it on the train in the run-up to your vacation.

850 autoslaaptrein

This next picture shows that Italian magazine Quattroruote never missed an opportunity to take a car for a ride. This time with a Fiat 850.
The reason? A test of an Autovox Bikini car radio. All of Northern Italy was visited. The Fiat 1500 Comfort was tested too.
850 onderweg 2 

850 autovox bikin1

People also toured the hills in their Fiat 850. Cruising the countryside, always nice to do.
850 onderweg 1

850 onderweg 4

Autocross in Delft... In a Fiat 850!

Delft. Beautiful city that I usually pass at high speeds. At the beginning of the 80s there was at least one reason to slow down because a very succesful Autocross was organised on a regular basis. Fiat 850s participated with the intrepid Rob de Jong and Steef de Raaf at the wheel. Sponsored by Pucks Pub. Who hasn't ever had a cold beer in that bar???

850 cross delft 1

Driver's briefing. I see a Fiat 850 Coupé and a Fiat 850 Special in the front row

850 cross delft rob de jong

Rob de Jong on the starting line. He left his roll-over-bar at home. Too heavy.

850 cross delft steef de raaf

850 cross delft puckspub

Team Puck's Pub.

A Fiat 850 lifted aboard a ship for transport in Engeland

The Fiat 850 also was a success in England. This Fiat 850 was loaded by crane on October 6, 1971 on a ship that was to sail to Guernsey.850 kraan

Hitchhiking in a Fiat 850

In the past, if you had little money and still wanted to travel, you only had to raise your thumb at the entrance of a highway. If you were lucky the weather was fair and you got a ride quickly.

Some girl is very lucky here. The sun is shining (I see sunglasses) and a Fiat 850 stops to give her a ride.

 Liften met een Fiat 850

Fiat 850, nice car!

This Fiat 850 was once bought from my father's dealership; I got the image (which was taken in 1969) from it's owner.

850 HB 1969

Fiat 850 in the Sahara (update)

In an earlier article I mentioned a 5500 km trip through the Sahara. I published a movie in that article but, thanks to the SEAT 850 Facebookpagina, there are pictures too:
Fiat 850 in de Sahara

Fiat 850 in de Sahara

And looking for more info on the roof tent I found this photo:

850 glamping
Glamping !!

Transporting Fiat 850's, all over the world.

All cars that Fiat produces have to go to customers, all over the world. Not only trailers, but trains and ships were used for this. Because most of us never have seen Fiat 850s transported on ships and trains, I have some images for you:

Fiat 850 op transport naar Noord Amerika (1969)
These are going to be shipped to the USA

Fiat 850 op Transportterrein in Mirafiori (1970)
These trains leave the Mirafiori factory to various importers in Europe.

Fiat 850 streetwise

Long ago there were lots of Fiat 850's in streets everywhere. Sometimes somebody took a picture with an 850 in view. Why? Usually because there was something else to see and the 850 was a collatheral catch. But not on this site! Every 850 counts! Not only Berlina's were spotted.
850 straat 1

Fiat 850 op straat

Fiat 850 op straat

Fiat 850 op straat

Fiat 850 op straat

Fiat 850 op straat

Fiat 850 op straat

Fiat 850 op straat

Fiat 850 op straat
All these cars are red. Is this a coincidence? Nowadays streets looks a lot duller with all the black and gray vehicles.


A Fiat 850 in the wild!

Dutch car magazine "Autoweek" has an interesting column: "In the wild" where this time a Fiat 850 was reviewed.
Fiat 850 in het wild in Autoweek

It appears to be in good condition and has been treated to a lot of accessories in its long life: fog lights, special grille, Abarth emblems, air scoops on the hood and spoilers on the windscreen wipers. After all, you want to make sure these don't flutter at high speed. According to Autoweek, there are still 61 in the Netherlands at the time of writing.

You'll find the article here

Greetings from Palermo (with a Fiat 850)

Palermo, where we see not just a Coupe but a Berlina too. Ans many more other interesting cars but I'll leave those to the webmasters of other sites.

Groeten uit Palermo met een paar Fiat 850's

Greetings from London, with a Fiat 850 coupe

Greetings from London this time, where we spot a nice first series Fiat 850 Coupe at Picadilly Circus.

850 Coupe in London

Greetings from.... (2) The Fiat 850 on the road

Greetings from Zeeland, where my grandmother and aunt often went on holiday. There was extensive filming and fortunately we still have the images. So now these are also available here:

850 Bruinisse


850 Brouwershaven




Greetings from... On the beach with a Fiat 850

Greetings from Italy! When you walk into an antique dealer there you will find tons of photos. There are often Fiat's on it. And sometimes 850's too

Groeten ui Lido di Camaiore

From a small selection of my brother Constant's collection, I made an album and you find it here