Fiat 850 models

New Fiat 850 by Laudoracing-models

Laudoracing-models heeft eind januari aangegeven dat ze binnenkort de bestelmodelijk openen voor een nieuw Fiat 850 model.

Na de Special, de Coupé 2e serie en de diverse Abarthmodellen wordt het deze keer een Berlina. De foto's zijn van de 3D prototypes.

850 berlina laudo 0

850 berlina laudo 1

Update april 2022: the first photos of the production prototypes have appeared. It looks promising again!

They will be available to order soon.

850 laudoracing prototype 1 

850 laudoracing prototype 2

850 laudoracing prototype 3 

850 laudoracing prototype 5

 850 laudoracing prototype 7

850 laudoracing prototype 6

Fiat 850, very small

In my collection of Fiat 850 models I have 850's from scale 1:1 to a few really small ones: an 850 Berlina from Eko in scale HO (1:87, model no. 2062-6,) and an 850 Coupe from Penny in scale 1 :66. But tit appears there is another very small Coupe, by Artapo (model no. 085-1).

I found out when a photo of Jochen Kreusel's Fiat 850 collection was posted in the Fiat 850 group on Facebook. Jochen was kind enough to provide the model numbers.

 850 HO

And the truck is a nice one too. This one is made by Brekina who offer a line with all kinds of old Italian trucks.

Rivarossi's car transport train is on my wish list too:

850 rivarossi

Fiat 850 news from Laudoracing-models

Many of us already know Laudoracing models from their previous Fiat 850 models. The beautiful 850 Special and 850 Coupé (both sold out very quickly) and the even more beautiful Abarth versions of the Berlina. I mentioned these in a previous post.

It was announced this week that a new run of the Fiat 850 Sport Coupé will be launched and their projects for 2022 include 3 other 850 models: a first series Berlina and Spider and a 2nd series 850 Spider (1968).

850 laudo 2022

Strange that at the time of writing this post they are considered to be Alfa Romeo's.......
But still, I'm going to put money aside for these beautiful models and an extra showcase to show them.

Update January 27th: All of them are now Fiats. 

An abandoned Fiat 850 (1:43)

On Ebay I came across a special version of a Seat 850. An "abandoned" one. I think it is a nice find, which will fit perfectly in my display cabinet, together with my other 850 models so I purchased one immediately.
Verwaarloosde Fiat 850

Verwaarloosde Fiat 850

There a still various sellers which have this model available on EBay. Prices and shipping costs vary widely, as usual.

Fiat 850 as a model car

Quite a few manufacturers have made model cars of the Fiat 850 in scales from 1:13 (Pocher) to 1:87 (EKO, Rivarossi). I wrote something about the models of Laudoracing before and a long time ago I had an article on Fiat models in 1:43 from my collection. I try to expand that (small) collection further and further, but financially it's becoming more and more challenging given the sharply rising asking prices. Recently, a Fiat 850 Berlina by Mebetoys was offered for € 325 and a Fiat 850 Abarth by Mercury (both 1:43) for € 175. Fortunately, I already have one.

850 model ebay

EBAY currently has this on offer


DinkyToys Fiat 850 added to my collection

A few times a French Dinkytoys Fiat 850 came along on auction sites. These are often replicas but sometimes they are original ones. Last week it was a yellow original on Dutch auction site Marktplaats.
According to the seller in played-with condition, but at least complete with doors and seats with backrest!

850 dinkytoys 509

Luckily there were only two other interested people so I now have another 850 in 1:43. I'm not going to restore it, just clean it.

A new Fiat 850 model for my showcase.

Sometimes you come across interesting things on the auction sites on the internet. Parts (NOS or used), sometimes nice documentation, sometimes beautiful model cars. Although, when they are 1:43 models from China they interest me less. It is common for the seller to think they have juwels for sale, sometimes because the item is old and moire often because they have no idea how many were made of it.

Rear lights of an 850? Many thousands of Fiat 850s have been sold and scrapped in the Netherlands. No worth at all unless new and unused.
Decorative moldings of a Fiat 850 Special? See above. Crates full of demolition parts? See above.
Tests from Dutch magazines Autovisie and Autokampioen? Other magazines? Large editions, many of which have been preserved. But rarely worth the effort.

But the model of the Fiat 850 that was for sale on Dutch auction site Marktplaats really is rare. A Rico (probably) from Spain. 14 cm long, so about 1:24.
And if it is rare I am interested. Immediately made an offer and just heard that I was the buyer. Today it was delivered!

850 rico 1

850 rico 2

850 rico 3

Another Fiat 850 for the showcase!

850 rico 4

The Laudoracing Fiat 850 Abarth OT 1600 has arrived

A while ago Laudoracing-models announced 3 Fiat 850 Abarth OT 1600 models. Because these are often built in limited series, a beige version was ordered immediately and after a long wait it finally arrived. It feels like Christmas when opening the box:
850 Abarth OT 1000(1)

850 Abarth OT 1000(2)

850 Abarth OT 1000(3)

Beautiful details and a must for the Abarth enthusiast.

Laudoracing releases Fiat 850 Abarths

Laudoracing models has already given fans of the Fiat 850 the chills with a nice series of models of the Fiat 850 Special and Abarth in 1:18 scale. The edition of 250 pieces per model sold out quickly, although you can still find one here and there with great luck. I wrote about it here.

Now they release a series of Abarth 1600s in three versions and these promise to be very nice again:

   850 Abarth 1600 1      850 Abarth 1600 2
  850 Abarth 1600 3    850 Abarth 1600 4
 850 Abarth 1600 5    850 Abarth 1600 6

Even with an introductory price of € 90.00 not really cheap, but quality has it costs. You want to see these on the Laudoracing site?