The vans

As before with the 600, Fiat built a microbus version for the 850. And not just a van, but also a pick-up and a passenger bus.
Bodybuilders such as Coriasco used the Fiat 850T as a platform for all kinds of specific versions.

850 camper 5

850T for sale. Needs work.

A slightly dilapidated Fiat 850T (built by OM) came up for sale on Catawiki. Fortunately without it's a "no reserve sale" because a lot of money and effort is needed to make something of this.

850T Catawiki

850T Catawiki 2

850T Catawiki 11

850T Catawiki 16

850T Catawiki 17

According to the experts on the site, this is not just any car, the estimated sale price should be around € 2500. The Fiat 850 enthusiasts are not convinced.

850T Catawiki

Fiat 850 T, the ultimate Final Taxi?

The Fiat 850T was regularly used as a hearse in Italy in the 1970s. This one was built by Carrozzeria Grazia in Bologna in 1975. Served for years and now ready for its next life. That in contrast to its former passengers. At the time of writing, it is for sale on AutoScout for just under 10,000 euros. You will stand out if you make an ice cream truck out of this.....

850 funebre 1

850 funebre 2

850 funebre 3

This one was also built by Grazia, is in lesser condition but costs only 5000 Euro:

850 funebre 5

850 funebre 4


Holidays in a Fiat 850T camper

Sometimes it strikes me how many brochures of English Fiat 850T campers are for sale on the Internet. The Farina, the Fargo and the Fiesta were long loved by the English. All built by "Motor Caravan Conversions". They look nice but you really shouldn't hate each other, they are that small:

850 camper 5

850 camper 1 

850 camper 2

850 camper 3

850 camper 4

850 fargo 1

850 fargo 2

850 fargo 3

850 farina 1

850 farina 2

A German Fiat 850T Brochure

Somewhere in my large collection of Fiat 850 items I still have a Dutch Fiat 850 T brochure lying around, but can't find it at this time. So, today I present you the German version.

850 T folder D 0

Slipping & sliding in a Fiat 900T

Fiat developed the Fiat 600T as a successor to the Multipla. When the Fiat 850 was introduced, the 600T evolved into an 850T. And to keep it in line with requests from the market (and maybe because Fiat terminated the 843cc engine??), a 903cc engine was the engine of choice and so the modelname was to be "900T". In all kinds of body styles of course, from delivery van via pick-up to people-mover. To see what was possible with this little giant, Quattroruote took it out for a drive. The article opened with this photo:

900T quattroruote

Drifting in a van ....... His wife probably was very upset when she saw this photo. The entire article is available in this PDF.


Fiat 850T, a flashing car?

"Flitsmeister" is an app that warns drivers for speed traps. In the last century, a "Flitsmeister" was a fellow motorist who warned you of an approaching speed trap with a light signal. If you paid attention, you could see the Polizia from afar. That is clear from these photos; not hidden behind a bush or a traffic sign but in plain sight. The Multanova speed camera was quite a whopper of a thing by the way ... Good for us that they did the speed control with a Fiat 850T because we get a beautiful picture as a result.

850 t snelheidscontrole 

Terrible accident in a Fiat 850 Pulmino

Everyone knows that, in an accident with a Fiat 850 Pulmino, all energy that's released is absorbed by your knees. And if it's an accident like this one, other parts of the body will also get severely hurt.
In October 1970 Mr. G. Fraccaroli was killed, somewhere along Lake Garda in Italy. His family commemorated him with flowers and a photo in a chapel nearby:

850 Pulmino Ongeluk