My Fiat 850

Fiat 850 saved from the scrapyard

This is my Fiat 850. We picked it up on July 4, 2007. Was lied to rest in south-eastern part of the Netherlands. Our youngest son traded it for a Beetle with a "little work". The 850 would be made MOT ready as soon as possible and then the body would be next: rust spots at the windshield, the front and rear right wings. The roof like a washboard. Nothing very difficult. But the more we touched, the more work emerged. And with that work new ideas and the need for more parts. On this website you can not only follow the restoration and additional work, but also find all kinds of other information on the Fiat 850.

850-1 850-4

And from this
850 dak(13)  voorbewerking (5)

we arrived at this:
Primer 7  Gespoten 1

850 campagnolo 2

And we are not ready yet ....... Another project is in the works:
850 winterproject  

Engine block of an Autobianchi A112 Elite (965cc), modified cylinder head, oil cooler, crankcase and A112 oil pump collected in Amsterdam.

All bearings, the pistons (3rd oversize), the 296 ° camshaft, the valve cover and the gaskets (and a lot of stuff) have been ordered and in the meantime are in, ready to assemble.
The front suspension is from a Fiat 600. It was returned to the seller and there I picked up an electronic ignition.

Sledging behind a Fiat 850

This video is a real childhood sentiment for me. It shows something that nowadays would end up in tweets of disapprovement: "Irresponsible behavior", "children exposed to extremely dangerous situation!".

Having fun on a sleigh behind a car when there is snow is unforgettable, that's why I remembered it more than 55 years later.
Not that we can expect much snow in these harsh times, but it might just happen and you'd be surprised.

850 slee

When you click the image you will see a short film. That's me, in the middle, between my oldest brother and sister. The Fiat 850 belonged to my mother, although my father was behind the wheel for certain.

My own Fiat 850 in sight again

Nice one, a Fiat 850 outside, full lights on!

850 buiten

Peek-a-boo Fiat 850:
850 nieuwe werkplaats

Fiat 850 achterlicht

License plate made in Italy.

Fiat 850 under it's own power

After a very long hibernation, today the Fiat 850 has finally been moved under its own power for the first time. And that went unexpectedly smooth. Click on the image to see the proof.
850 eerste keer

Some extra room for the Fiat 850

After we had the engine running stably, there appeared to be a noise in it, somewhere near the timing cover. Good advice was needed. That is why the cross beam has been removed again and the pulley removed. The cause of the noise turned out to be the crankshaft pulley that ran against the timing cover (while eating the oil seal). How did that come about?

A lot has been adapted to the engine of the Fiat 850: first a standard block with centrifugal lubrication, then a 133 engine with and then without a Triger kit. After the Triger was finished, I had the choice for a timing cover: the original of the 133 with mounting for a petrol pump or one of an 850. We mounted the latter. The pulley that went on was also from the 850.

So, to get rid of this wear, I had to go back to the start: 133 engine, but with 850 timing cover and original crankshaft pulley. Then it turned out that the pulley was still touching.

The original solution, but not available on short term, was to install a rubber spacer, part number 4229021. So that took me another trip to Broos and they quickly machined a shim for me that had to be installed between the gear wheel and pulley. Below you can see the damaged pulley and the shim ring.

850 poelie beschadigd

With this solution, the engine runs smoothly and without annoying noise again. On to the next challenge.....


The Fiat 850 is alive

Today our Fiat 850 had its first sign of life in at least 10 years. What started as a "quick preparation for MOT and then driving" thing is almost ready for the street after about 7 years. And of course there is filmed evidence of that. Click on the photo for the movie.
Fiat 850 loopt

Some tuning still has to be done but a major step forward has been made, thanks to Gerrit.

Peek-a-boo: My Fiat 850 has a look outside

Space is limited in the new workshop, especially lengthwise. So when we want to work in the engine compartment, the front has to go out. And there it's quite cold, even if it is not yet winter. But it also results in a nice image:
De Fiat 850 buiten

My Fiat 850 has moved

Now that we have nearly finished the 850, it is my brother's turn to use the spacious workshop for his Multipla project. Charging and moving.

850 nieuwe werkplaats 1

850 nieuwe werkplaats 2

Starting work on my Fiat 850

Today we made an inventory of what more sheetmetal we need to make this a real rescue-operation. One of the previous owners made a mess of it. Left front inner wing was smeared with mud that had once been neatly treated .....
Left rear wing is mediocre. The sill on the left suddenly looked a lot less without a decorative frame. On the other hand, the bottom appears to be good.

Also checked the brakes. I found one wheel brake cylinder too damp and I'll replace at least all brake hoses and clamps. Removed the interior. Bottom inside looks good, but there was once a short in the cable harness because the rubber floormat has melted. Also checking the wiring harness during the progress. Next week all chrome and lighting will be removed. Then asap to the sheet metal.

IMG 6233 IMG 6244

IMG 6249

 IMG 6222 IMG 6234