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Until now, all kinds of technical information of the Fiat 850 models was in different sections. Difficult to find something, especially if you were working on your Fiat 850 and you got stuck because you lack technical data.... Near despair.

850 wanhoop

That is why this new section has been added to the menus. The result of an attempt to collect as many Fiat 850 manuals as possible. For years I have been collecting documentation of the Fiat 850's; the fact that my father was a Fiat dealer and never threw anything away is a pleasant side effect. It goes without saying that I also make those manuals available here. Some of it is own property, the rest was traced on the internet.

If you are looking for information that I do not have on my site, please report it via the e-mail button and I will look for it and, if possible, post it. If you have information that is not published here, send it to me too. A lot of people will be happy if you do.

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Technical specs Fiat 850 models

Dutch importer, Leonard Lang, regularly issued data sheets containing the most important data for Fiat models. Of course I was very interested in the data sheets for the 850 models, so that I can publish them on this site. Clicking is viewing.

850 berlina 850 special
Technical specs Fiat 850 Berlina Technical specs Fiat 850 Special
850 sport coupe 850 sport spider
Technical specs Fiat 850 Sport Coupé Technical specs Fiat 850 Sport Spider
850 t 850 pulmino
Technical specs Fiat 850 T Technical specs Fiat 850 Microbus