Several times a year the question "what color number does my Fiat 850 have?" is asked on forums. I gathered that kind of data a long time ago by preserving manufacturer's information and color charts for bodyshops. Below is what I have, although it probably won't be complete yet.


Fiat 850 Sport Coupé and Spider colors

In this beautiful picture we see the colors of the second series 850 Sport Coupé and Spider. Most colors were sold new in the Netherlands, although I can't imagine ever having seen one of these models in black. According to the Dutch Department of Motor Vehicles database, there is one black Coupé in the Netherlands, with an original Dutch registration number, and two imported black Spiders are driving around.

850 sport kleuren

The Lombardi 850 Grand Prix / Scorpione colors

These color swatches are not commonly found on the internet but if the goal is to be complete, these Lombardi Grand Prix/Scorione swatches are definitely important to show.

850 Scorpione

A beautiful car in beautiful colors!

850 lombardi kleuren

Colors for Fiat 850's

A question that comes up all the time is: "what's the original color for my Fiat 850?"
I've published articles on that in my "Manuals" menu but Fiat changed colors over the model years and forgot to publish new color swatches for dealers and customers.
For the owners of cars in the "in between" years that sucks.

From a friend I got access to two books with color samples of Italian cars from the 60's to the 80's and after a night of scanning at high resolution I had a folder with over 50 pages of Fiat color information from Standox and DuPont. Even with reduced filesize, it takes a while before you have all the information in view. Click on the image below to see more detail. Each color card can then be viewed individually. And yes, you will also find the correct color numbers for your Fiat 850 here, although I do recommend taking your car to a body workshop to have the color determined exactly with a special daylight lamp!

So, in an effort to solve the problem (at least for the time being) here is an overview of colors per modelyear and for various paint manufacturers for Fiat, Seat and Autobianchi.


Click on the picture and a seperate screen opens where you can navigate through the modelyears and manufacturers.
Please note: these are old swatches; I scanned them as best as I could but swatches may look different than the real colors or paint in the can! 


Fiat 850 colors (in 1964)

At the introduction of the Fiat 850 in 1964, a nice booklet with the available colors and upholstery was published. Nice to share.
If you want to see it in a larger format you have to click:

850 gamma colori klein
Large format

Even bigger, by colour:

115 - Rosso Medio

233 - Bianco

433 - Azurro Aquamarina

453 - Bleu Medio

456 - Bleu Scuro

583 - Beige

653 - Grigio Medio