Technical tips

Things that might help you while working on your Fiat 850. Some of it from my experience, most of it gathered from other owners on the internet.

Enginecodes for the Fiat 850

Fiat used different engine codes for the different models of the 850, which are cast on the right side of the engine.
Motortype Motor Seat

De motorcodes zijn als volgt:

Model Enginecode PK kW HP Bore Stroke Capacity Compr.Ratio Carburetor_1 Carburetor_2
Fiat 850  Berlina 100G.000 34 25 34 65,0 63,5 843cc 8,0 Weber 30ICF6 Solex C30PIB4
Fiat 850  Berlina 100G.002 37 27 36 65,0 63,5 843cc 8,8 Weber 30ICF7 Solex C30PIB4
Fiat 850  Special 100GB.000 47 35 46 65,0 63,5 843cc 9,3 Weber 30DIC1 -
Fiat 850  Coupé 100GC.00 47 35 46 65,0 63,5 843cc 9,3 Weber 30DIC Weber 30DIC1
Fiat 850  Spider 100GS.00 49 36 48 65,0 63,5 843cc 9,3 Weber 30DIC Weber 30DIC1
Fiat 850  Sport Coupé 100GBC.000 52 38 51 65,0 68,0 903cc 9,5 Weber 30DIC2 -
Fiat 850  Sport Spider 100GBS.000 52 38 51 65,0 68,0 903cc 9,5 Weber 30DIC2 Weber 30DIC11
Fiat 850  T 100GF.000 33 24 33 65,0 68,0 903cc 7,2 Weber 30ICF15  
Fiat 133 100GL.000 44 32 43 65,0 63,5 843cc 8,8    
In case you are searching for something special:
Autobianchi A112 (903cc) A112A.000 47 35 46 65,0 68,0 903cc 9,0 Weber 32IBA10   
Autobianchi A112 (965cc) A112B1.000 48 36 47 67,2 68,0 965cc 9,2    
Autobianchi A112 (982cc) A112A1.000 58 43 57 65,0 74,0 982cc 10,0    
Autobianchi A112 (1049cc) A112A2.000 70 51 68 67,2 74,0 1050cc 10,4    

I am still looking for missing extra information and will add to / expand it in due course.

Fiat 850 fastening material

The Fiat 850 family is full of clamps, bolts, rubbers and nails. If you are repairing or restoring, you probably want to use parts that fit and you have to start searching. Without a parts book it is difficult to find the right part number and you spend (too) much time searching. That is why I scanned a number of pages with "Fissaggi vari" from the first series 850 Coupé and put them in a PDF.

850 voorbeeld klemmen

The PDF can be found here

The foundations.. mapping the Fiat 850

If your Fiat 850 has a crispy bottom or there is an unwanted crease in it, you want to restore it so that you are a proud happy driver again. Been there, done that; my 850 was transparent in several places. Fortunately I had an excellent sheet metal worker and access to a professional body workshop so that the entire bodywork could be made like new again. A good dimensions drawing was essential for this. And if it's good, I'll share it:

850 bodemmaten
Again: clicking the image opens a PDF on a new page.

Choke-adjustment, for the Fiat 850 too.

If you also want the last bit of the carburettor adjustment of your Fiat 850 100% correct, you can click on the image below. Chances are that you will see your carburetor listed. It is an overview that was provided to the dealers by the Dutch importer.

fiat chokeafstelling

The Fiat 850's heart

Parts books, workshop manuals, brochures, color samples, postcards, model cars ..... I collect them all.

Recently a question came up on the (now extinct) Forum on this site about the distance between the piston bottom and the top of the block, the deck clearance.
Because I didn't know the answer I went through the workshop manuals again. And there I came across this beautiful picture:

850 doorsnee motor

The 850's heart ! Apparently there is another Fiat 850 project in the Netherlands!

Windshield wipers for the Fiat 850

Not only on our own Fiat 850 there were problems with the wiper mechanism, also elsewhere in the Netherlands a number of small parts were missing when work on the wiper mechanism was started. We solved it by making a hybrid system of two mechanisms. And because not everyone has the parts books, I publish here the chapter Tergicristallo from the parts manual. This way we have a reference to search with.

Marelli Site

I've compared the 1968 and 1971 parts books and the only difference is that there was some extra development done by Marelli in 1971 making 4 extra part numbers available. See the table below

Parts number  1968  1971 
4110063 X X
4129427 X X
4132075 X X
4136248 X X
4101949   X
4180927   X
4184620   X
4222118   X

Fingers crossed that someone still has something lying around.